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First things first, I would like to thank you for the taking the time to visit this blog. Secondly, you are probably asking yourself, what this site is all about.

Put simply, this is a blog about the science of happiness, in other words, I try to write interesting and engaging articles, looking at the psychology of what it means to live a happy life.

The aim of this blog is simple: To provide practical advice on living a happier life, based on real life case studies and psychological research. 


Broadly speaking most of the my articles fall into one of two categories; happiness or habits.



I think if we’re being honest, we would all like to be a little bit happier. One of the main themes of this blog is exploring the science and research behind what it actually means to live a happier life.

If you would like a flavour of the type of article I write. Then check out a recent post I wrote on 5 studies on happiness and 5 lessons we can learn from them. If you like that post, you will probably enjoy the majority of content on this site.



A second topic I enjoy writing about, is how to we can form better habits in order to improve our lives, in addition to how we can use psychology to destroy our negative habits. I aim to write scientifically backed articles on how we can eliminate our negative habits, such as procrastination and replace them with more positive ones.

If you’re interested in how to use psychology to change your habits, then you might enjoy a recent article I posted, on how to design your environment, so that good habits flourish. 



Okay, so where do I go from here? 

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